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Applied Community Development Studies

Welcome to the department of Applied Community Development Studies (ACDS).  Our department is in the Faculty of Education and Community Studies and offers the following degree programmes: BSc.  in Agriculture and Human Ecology Extension;  BSc. in Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design; BSc. in Community Development; MSc. in Community Studies and Extension; and Ph.D. in Community Studies and Extension.  Our degree programmes are offered both in regular (full-time) and school-based (part-time) modes of learning.
Our objective is to train professionals, to generate new knowledge and to foster the well-beings of individuals, families and communities.  Our dedicated and experienced academic staff engages our undergraduate and postgraduate students in learning, creation of new knowledge and commitment to our vision of enhancing sustainable livelihoods for individuals, families and communities.
Academic staff in the department have undertaken various research projects and published in areas including: food security; management of small and micro-enterprises; perceptions of adolescents on dressing; adoption of technology among small scale farmers; children’s socialization in cultural and social contexts; youth and gender studies; livelihood studies: sources and use of alternative fibers; agricultural extension; integrated pest management; entrepreneurship; use of indigenous knowledge for community development among others.
Through a strong outreach programme, the department is committed to improving the livelihoods of individuals, families and communities around the university environment.  The departmental outreach activities are based on needs assessment and examples of such activities include: improvement of the girl child sanitation; sensitization on HIV/AIDs; environmental conservation; agro forestry; wood fuel conservation; improvement of learning environment for schools; food security measures among others.
We hope you enjoy reading through our web pages.  We are always looking for committed and enthusiastic students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies with us, to contribute to research projects and to share our excitement in applying our scholarly work in enhancing the livelihoods of individuals, families and communities.