Faculty of Agriculture Theses

  1. Access And Utilization Of Agro Meteorological Information By Smallholder Farmers In Perkerra And Lari-Wendani Irrigation Schemes, Kenya.
  2. Analysis Of Market Performance: A Case Of ‘Omena’ Fish In Selected Outlets In Kenya.
  3. Analysis Of Microbial Infections In Camel (Camelus Dromedarius)Milk And Implications In Kenya.
  4. Analysis Of Small-Scale Dairy Farmers’ Perceptions Of Alternative Fodder Grasses Contingent On Napier Stunt Disease In Bungoma District, Kenya.
  5. Analysis Of Structure, Conduct And Performance Of Small Ruminant Stock Market Participants Of Isiolo –Nairobi Trading Market, Kenya.
  6. Assessement Of Pastoral Resource Management, Risks And Conflict Among The Waso Borana Of Northern Kenya.
  7. Assessment of The Economic Impact of Agrobiodiversity Interventions on Farmer Field School Households in Bondo District, Kenya.
  8. Biological Activity Of Tephrosia Vogelii Hook. And Lantana Camara L. Aqueous Crude Extracts Against Golden Flea Beetle (Aphthona Whitfieldi Bryant) In Jatropha (Jatropha Curcas L.).
  9. Biological Activity Of Tephrosia Vogelii Hook. And Lantana Camara L. Aqueous Crude Extracts Against Golden Flea Beetle (Aphthona Whitfieldi Bryant) In Jatropha (Jatropha Curcas L.).
  10. Challenges Of Using Information And Communication Technologies To Disseminate Agricultural Information To Farmers In SudanChallenges Of Using Information And Communication Technologies To Disseminate Agricultural Information To Farmers In Sudan.
  11. Combustion And Fuel Characteristics Of Cow-Dung In A Fluidised Bed Combustor.
  12. Comparative Economic Analysis Of Smallholder Farming
  13. Compliance With Eurepgap Standards: Determinants, Costs And Implications On Profitability Among Smallholder French Beans Exporters In Kirinyaga District, Kenya.
  14. Economic Analysis Of Smallholder Agricultural Production Under Conditions Of Risk: Case Of Vihiga And Kilifi Districts In Kenya. Kuyiah J.
  15. Economic Efficiency Of Smallholder Major Crops Production In The Central Highlands Of Ethiopia.
  16. Effect Of Intercropping Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato (Ipomea Batatas L.) And Maize (Zea Mays L.) At Varied Populations On Yield And Β-Carotene Content.
  17. Effect Of Seed Dressing Insecticide, Intercropping And Plant Density On Bean Fly (Ophiomyia Spp.) Infestation In Common Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.)
  18. Effect Of Supplementing Rhodes Grass Hay With Cotton Seedcake And Acacia Tortilis Pods On Growth Performance Of The Small East African Zebu Weaners.
  19. Effect Of Variety, Planting Material And In-Ground Storage On Sweetpotato Weevil (Cylas Spp) Population, Damage And Yield Of Sweetpotato (Ipomea Batatas) (Lam).
  20. Effects Of Acacia Tortilis Trees On The Ecophysiology Of Graminoid Herbaceous Species In Makueni District, Kenya.
  21. Effects Of Food Processing On Antinutrients, Hcl-Extractable Minerals And In Vitro Bioaccessibility Of Some Micronutrients In Indigenous Leafy Vegetables.
  22. Effects Of HIV/AIDS Related Illnesses And Deaths On Agricultural Production: A Case From Nyando And Kericho Districts In Kenya.
  23. Evaluation Of The Constraints To Profitable Smallholder Dairying: A Case Of Nakuru County, Kenya.
  24. Evaluation Of Tree And Shrub Responses To Soil Moisture Status And Their Potential For Afforestation In The Semi-Arid Rangelands Of Makueni District, Kenya.
  25. Factors Influencing Access To Agricultural Information By Commercial Urban Farmers In Kampala City, Uganda.
  26. Gender Differentials In Agricultural Production And Productivity In Smallholder Farms: Evidence From Marginal Zones Of Nyanza Province, Kenya.
  27. Genetic Evaluation Of Growth Performance Of The Sahiwal Cattle In Semi Arid Kenya.
  28. Genetic Parameters And Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping In Tea, Camellia Sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze.
  29. Influence Of Gender Access To And Control Over Resources On Milk Production Among Smallholder Dairy Farmers In Kabarnet Division, Baringo District.
  30. Intra-Household Resource Allocation Decisions And Poverty Status Linkage In Selected Rural Districts Of Kenya.
  31. Investigation Of Metals And Non-Metals Disharged From Fluorspar Mining And Their Effects On The Physico-Chemical Characteristics Of Kerio River, Kenya
  32. Kiswahili Morphosyntax: A Generative Approach.
  33. Maize Supply Response In Kenya. A Farm Analysis In Kenya.
  34. Modelling Urban Water Supply: A Case Study Of Kisumu City, Kenya.
  35. Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Spark Ignition Engines Based On Engine Operating Parameters
  36. Resource Use Efficiency Of Smallholder Crop Production In The Central Highlands Of Ethiopia.
  37. Development Of Appropriate Quality Control Parameters And Technology To Enhance Utilization Of Camel Milk
  38. Risk Management Among Agricultural Households And The Role Of Off-Farm Investments In Uasin Gishu County, Kenya.
  39. Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity And Nutrient Content In Soils Of Different Mineralogy Mixed With Chickpea Residue.
  40. Selected Factors Determining Secondary School Teacher Demand In Kenya: Trends, Effects And Projections
  41. Selected Factors Influencing Smallholder Rural Households' Participation In Non-Agricultural Income Generating Activities And Their Implications For Food Security In Webuye Division Of Bungoma District, Kenya.
  42. Studies On Russian Wheat Aphid Diuraphis Noxia (Kurdjumov)(Homoptera Aphididae) With Special Emphasis To Biotypes And Host Plant Resistance In Bread Wheat (Triticum Aestivum) In Kenya .
  43. Study Of Incidence And Damage By Bean Fly (Ophiomyia Spp) And Grain Yield Of Common And Climbing Beans
  44. The Effect Of Clonal Differences And Fermentation Conditions On Black Tea Antioxidant Activity And Liquor Quality.
  45. The Effect Of Human Encroachment On Forest Cover, Composition And Structure In The Western Blocks Of The Mau Forest Complex.
  46. The Influence Of Soil Water Content And Nitrogen Supply On Growth, Yield And Polyphenol Content Of Selected Tea [Camellia Sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze] Clones In Kenya.
  47. Enhancing Livestock Feed Supply By Integrating Selected Forage Legumes In Semi-Arid Region Of Eastern Kenya